Diamond eyes.

Forged unto the abbys within the forgotten realms layed a lost treasure. A stone, which held hidden for the bitter breath of time, his forgotten light.

A gem unaible to be compaired. For outside the void darkness ruled. The realm of the invisible got drenched in despair, no other stone had the strenght to survive.

The stone at the bottom of the well fed on whatever pain humanity could not bear.
The stone, over time, gathered many remnants of the past within it’s whole. It grew within it’s and other people’s darkness.

Untill the day came.

The day the void inside could no longer bear to be the witness of these darkened crimes.
The day the stone broke, the day the last survivor on the surface of the forgotten realm choked.

The void spewed with melancholy. For finally the transformation was complete, the stone turned into a diamond.
For the diamond had his own void. If not detached, both the darkness and the light would have been anihilated.

This would destroy everything the stone once held for sacred.
For if the gem wanted to survive, he needed to keep his void equally alive.

Launched out of the realm of the invisible the stone reflected his nature upon these deserted waistelands. His void, grasping for control drenched the world in blood.
Untill the diamond almost collapsed upon itself, untill it allmost sent the forgotten realm into this trough fire forged pits of hell.

One day, after roaming the forgotten lands for many years he finally found some life.
There was a new species roaming the forgotten waistelands. He immediatly knew, he knew they weren’t gonna be able to survive while being utterly blind.

The diamond saw underneath the flesh a void, he then reflected upon his own story left untold.

The gem split itself in half.
He knew that once his rays of light gave the species the gift of sight they would be able to heal their void.

They would be able to see, that darkness is not the ennemy, nor the creator of their legacy.

As for today the gem is still alive. He roams inside our hearts, struggling with the darkness of the body and the mind. He is still hidden there where no-one bothers to look. The diamond can be seen within your eyes.
In the realm of the invisible he lays, shining his light towards the ones recognizing themselves in his gaze.


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