Once upon a time there was a man. 

The father had a need, his family he needed to feed. Unfortunately his lands had become dry. The witherred crops and the burning sands had overwhelmed his village. The animals left, all he had was his courage and his spirit.
For months they survived with nothing but some salty water and some rice. When his daughter fainted. He promised he would get her food, water, anything for them to survive. In his hands he bared his family’s life.

The father knew that in order for him to find enough food he needed to go way and beyond, further than every traveler had ever gone. He kissed his wife goodbye. 

He hugged his crying daughter. You see… She felt guilty. Guilty for pushing her father away. When all she wanted was for him to stay and play. “Do not fear my departure. Do not cry my child. I will come back and we will play, for hours, day after day.” 

As she wouldn’t let him go her mother teared her from the arms of the loving father. At this point the child screamed. Angry and scared she locked herself into her room. 

Only to gaze trough the window. There she saw her father who in the distance disappeared.
The man marched alone. First he passed the surrounding villages. All of whom where left abandoned, forgotten. He was now a day away from home. The burning sun and the crystallized sands had given place to the ice cold humid swamp. The father hadn’t had any sleep for days. 

He decided to give it a shot. Who knew? Maybe he would have some good luck? He set up some traps, unfortunately, every prey was out of his grasp.

Due to his limited time he chose to travel further, further than the swamp, there where no man had ever gone.
 Suddenly a crocodile in front of him appeared. The man barely survived this surprise attack. He lost his left arm. When the crocodile died he was happy. He knew he had some food, he could feed his family! Yet… 

The man suddenly had a change of heart. Once the blood he had staunched he hid the crocodile’s body. He then shredded his shirt, so that, on his way back he knew where to search. 

A couple of days later he reached the far ends of the swamp. Yet another desert awaited him there. Black sand mixed with what looked like tiny red diamonds sprinkled over the top. The man hesitated. 

He had now reached the limit. One step further would bring him onto these unknown lands, this uncharted territory. He already lost his hand, he had enough food for a couple of weeks… “Why go any further?” he asked himself. 
Then he remembered the fights. For he promised his wife he wouldn’t get back without anything to show. The crocodile wasn’t good enough he needed more! He needed to impress the love of his life, the mother of his one and only child. 

So he chose, he chose against every instinct, not to turn back. He then followed the track into the open field. It wasn’t long before he saw some movement afar. 

After collecting those tiny diamonds as a gift for his wife. He departed and headed himself towards the black mountains laying ahead. 

If years of hunting wild had learned him anything, was it that life would hide up and high, there where most predators wouldn’t be able to come and find them.

For every step he made he had a bad feeling, something wasn’t right… 

He didn’t knew what it was, all he wanted was to save his family. 

He would turn the tide! He was now a couple of days away from home. He knew that time was running out. He knew soon, his family wouldn’t be able to survive any longer. 

That’s when he gave himself one last day. And what a good day it was…! 
He found many flowers growing in the wild. He stuffed his sack and went to his traps. There he saw that every trap was filled! He was ready! He could finally go home!

Once back in the swamp he picked up the crocodile. He now had three small animals, which he hanged around his belt, a sack full of herbs and he lifted the crocodile on his back.
His arrival was welcomed with a crying child. His daughter ran towards him and hit him multiple times. She crossed her arms around her father and hugged him tight. The man, confused asked his daughter “What is it my child?” “Daddy! Mommy died!” 

The man felt something break inside. He ran towards his house to find his wife laying in bed with closed eyes. Next to her he found a note. “My dear husband. It has been days since your departure. 

We ran out of food faster than expected, I chose to give my life as for our child needed to be protected.” His heart broke! “When did mommy die?” did he ask. “Yesterday father”

The man fell on his knees, while hugging his daughter they both cried untill the end of times…


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