The dark chapter.

This the story of a man. A man with a golden yet bitterred heart. A mold society took, scorched,burned and tore apart.
This man, the invisible one, a cameleon roaming trough this peace of dirt, this lonely planet earth.

As a ghost he dwelled, he wandered while no one noticed, while no-one noticed the man was ready to choke. The man died many times, some of them where assisted suicides, other times he got raped killed and abused. The man lost any hope, the bitterniss took over… In the abbyss he landed. The void, the dark side, this numb part of himself tore his golden heart apart.

The dark chapter then got unleached, unfurling madness and treachery troughout his reality. All but none, the dark chapter had made a mistake. It expected this heart of gold to break. It expected horror, death and terror to unfold within his soul. It expected it’s very own projected darkness to manifest itself, to break loose. Yet all it did was consume his bitterniss, it eradicated his fear.
The man learned that somethimes to lose is to win..

The inferno unfolded troughout his life. The dark chapter unleashed this catastophical encounter. The one digging the man’s very own grave. The dark chapter pushed the man towards his final stage. They fed his rage, his bitterniss releasing the plague of corruption onto the man’s heart. This corruption the dark chapter hoped would be the key to his very own destruction. Planning the death of love, the death of his very own being, the moment he would stop following his feeling.


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