The eyes… the portal to the soul, the window into consciousness.
If observed carefully, this oval opening, shows you a glimpse of reality…!

Darkened eyes. Nomather what their color may be, shows a man projecting his shadow onto your reality. Focused, you will feel unease, violated, interrogated. It may feel as if you, temporarily, are suffocating. The sense of judgement wich bestows your entire being. These eyes do not recognize your soul, trough fear, power, their mind is in control.
The conscious mind, ruling over the uncounscious one, the slave became master.
In you, these darkened eyes sense danger, as carl jung quoted “they feel freedom, they feel nature”. A caged animal, a predator, waiting for you to fail, ready to strike, they fear the slavery of the mind. Thus the expression “a blackenned soul” the eyes give a glimpse of who’s in control!

Glowing eyes. These eyes recognize, they reckon your nature, your soul.
Trough love they see, they sense genuine beauty, they ARE beauty, hidden beauty, the perfectly imperfect, underneath the skin, the uncounscious gazing at the world from within. These eyes see reality, hidden to common man, who cannot see, ruled by their mind, they are blinded by society.
These glowing eyes, seeing trough your deceit, they do not judge, they do not fear, exept maybe… Humanity, their arrogance, their stupidity.


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